Apple Training

Apple Training

Mactracks is proud to now offer Apple training in shop. We charge $50 per person and guarantee you a time slot with a certified Macintosh technician who will walk you through the topic of your choosing. We book a maximum of four people at a time to keep the classroom environment small and more personal to give you a better experience. Please remember that classes are charged per person and per hour of training, so if you go over the one hour mark we will charge an additional $50. If you have questions that are unanswered at the end of the session please book a Q&A course.

Please request a topic of discussion if you wish to have training that is not listed here. If you would like 1-on-1 training that is non-Apple related (Adobe Photoshop, etc) or if you wish to have deeper training beyond basics, there may be additional fees. Please ask an associate for more details.

Class topics include:

  1. Welcome to Macintosh – A basic introduction to Apple computers. Please bring your own machine if you have one available so that we can cater the class to your specific needs. This course focuses on the current macOS; if you have an older device that you need training on please let us know ahead of time so that we can place you in the appropriate class.
  2. Welcome to iOS – A basic introduction to iPhones, iPads, the Apple Watch, and iPods (current generation please). Please bring your own devices. This course focuses on the current operating systems for iOS; if you have an older device that you need training on please let us know ahead of time so that we can place you in the appropriate class.
  3. iCloud basics – This class discusses what iCloud is, how to sync your devices using the Cloud, how to set backups using the cloud versus backing up with iTunes, and how AppleIDs work across devices. Please bring your CURRENT generation devices. If you have an older device that is Cloud accessible please let us know so that we can place you in the right class. If you do not know if your device is Cloud accessible, please provide the serial number to the device prior to booking the class and we will let you know.
  4. Photos Basics – This is a basics course that shows how Photos syncs to your devices, options for iCloud, integration between iPhoto and Photos, where the editing tools are and what they do, how to share files online, and more. This is not a course on photo editing or iCloud.
  5. General Q&A – Questions you have about your computer or phone that are not class specific and are not repair related. This class only focuses on Apple-related products; if you have third party programs (Adobe, etc) we may have to book you for a specialty class and further fees may apply.

Please do not bring your devices into a class for repair information. We will not be diagnosing units within the class time. If you wish to have questions answered about why your machine is slow or is out of memory please bring your unit into our shop for an evaluation before you book a class. We would hate for you to pay for a class and book a time only to find out your machine needs repair that will cost you more money.

We are hoping that as people request topics this information will grow and our list of available topics will increase, so please request a class if you do not see it here.

All classes are on a credit-based system, so when you purchase a single class that is one credit, if you purchase three classes that would be three credits, and so on. This allows our shop to keep track of what classes you have taken, when you took them, and how many classes you have left.

Please click the “Download Registration Form” button below to open the registration form. In the future, we will have a calendar specifying if a class is full and also forms that can be filled out to pay for your class. Please click “Credit Card Authorization” to fill out y our payment method. Please return both forms to us via email. Classes must be paid in full prior to booking the class. Customers who do not contact us within 24 hours prior to the scheduled class time that miss their class will not receive a refund and will lose their class credit.