About Mactracks

About Mactracks

harddriveMactracks is a certified apple repair company started back in 1995 by Susan Cort with the simple goal of bringing great customer service to the computer repair industry. For over 20 years the team at Mactracks has worked hard to bring her vision to life. We pride ourselves in providing efficient, quick, and cost-effective solutions for our clientele.

Mactracks is a certified apple repair provider meaning we work exclusively with Apple products. All of our technicians are 100% trained and certified to work on both current and vintage Apple computers. We also have technicians who are certified apple repair providers for iOS. We offer the latest technologies in hardware repair and replacement, networking, data recovery, liquid damage, and software corruption repair. The state of the art repair facility is a secured, locked down facility.

Your Local Mactracks Team
  • Susan

    Susan is the owner and founder of mactracks. She has worked with Apple computers as a service provider since 1995.

    Susan strives for the best customer service in the computer repair industry. Susan is a very family-oriented individual and enjoys going to movies with her husband and spending time with her grandchildren.

  • Javier

    Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician
    Manager of the Denton mactracks.

    Javier has been servicing computers and robotics since 2012 and enjoys doing so. Javier is happy to admit that he “nerds” out on the vintage units. He is active in community theater as an actor.

  • Jeff

    Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician / iOS Technician and the manager of the Plano location

    Jeff helps Mactracks with all repairs. He also handles iOS device service requests. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Jeff enjoys participating in live action role playing similar to the civil war reenactments.

  • Jason

    Certified Senior Apple Repair Mac Technician
    Cheif operations officer

    Jason takes care of our high-tech maintenance, facility integrity, and keeps the location secure. He specializes in Liquid Damage, Hard Drive Replacements/Repair, Recovery, and Software Corruption. He is actually a volunteer here and not a paid employee.

  • Dylan

    Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician

    Dylan is certified to work on all Macs. He enjoys researching and reading about artificial intelligence.

  • Brandon

    Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician

    Brandon helps Mactracks with all repairs. He also handles iOS device service requests. He enjoys and competes in on-line gaming with his Blizzard team. He also builds high tech computer cooling systems and high end gaming machines.

  • Harrison



    Harrison is one of our resident interns. He assists Mactracks with the weird stuff that comes up. He enjoys learning and technology. He will be seeking his technology degree from OSU.




    Ben is one of our resident interns. He is currently seeking his Computer Science degree. He specializes in refurbishing units for resale and he is one of the few techs that can do component repairs.

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