Mactracks Pricing

Affordable Apple Solutions

Mactracks offers affordable alternatives to expensive repairs. With more than 19 years as an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we know your Apple product in and out.

You can start your service either by using our online check-in form or filling one out when you come in. For additional repair estimates or an appointment, please give us a call or come by our office. We strive for a 1-3 business day turn around time.

Mactracks accepts most major credit cards / debit cards.

NO CHECKS ACCEPTED. If you have questions, please see management for details.

*Taxes for services are not listed and will be calculated at drop off. Evaluation Fees and Repair Services are non refundable. Accidental damage is not covered under warranty. Liquid damage repairs or services for liquid damage are not covered under warranty. Refloat services are not covered under warranty.

**If your unit is a Mac Pro tower, the evaluation charge is $85.00 due to additional time needed to diagnose and evaluate the unit.

Liquid Damage

If there is any liquid damage, step away and call Mactracks immediately! The more you try to use your unit, the more damage you can cause! Call us for more information. If we discover liquid damage, liquid damage diagnostics will apply.

***Liquid Damage evaluations CANNOT be expedited due to the nature of the evaluation process.