Drop off process For Denton Mactracks Location

1.  Fill out a checkin sheet  <Click here>

2. Click the square pay link to pay the diagnostic fee of $85.00 plus tax. <Click Here> or you can pay with your card in person at this location.
3. Check your email to see if you got an email from square pay. If you see the payment confirmation go to step 4 below.

4. Drop your unit off at the Denton mactracks location. Technicians are avalible in person at drop off or you can get ahold of a technician by calling 940-243-3300 or 972-442-1545
Mon – Fri 9:00am-6:00pm.

Diagnostics usually take 2-4 business days or less (Weekends and Holidays not included for days.) if it’s a liquid spill or data recovery it will take 5-8 business days or less. These are estimated times it could take a bit longer. Diagnostic fee not applied towards estimates.

3305 South Mayhill Rd.
Suite 109
Denton, Tx 76208