Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions as of 07/17/2017

1. All units are subject to our 30 day pickup policy No exceptions. This policy states that you must pickup and pay all applicable charges for your unit 30 days from the date of drop off or the unit will be considered abandoned. No exceptions. If additional time is needed, you must submit your request 7 days prior in person only before the 30 day mark. This will allow us time to process your request. This does not guarantee approval of said extension.

2. Mactracks is not responsible for any user data on any device!!! While Mactracks does take all necessary precautions to retain data, this does not guarantee that data will be saved. If Mactracks encounters an issue where your data could be compromised by services, you will be contacted prior to proceeding with any diagnostic services and/or approved services. Backup your unit before you bring it to mactracks!!!!!!

3. Data recovery evaluations are subject to extended evaluation time. No expedited services are available for Data Recovery evaluations and services. This is not a guarantee of recovery of information. Once the evaluation is complete, you will have an opportunity to either approve or decline services.

4. Mactracks’s Terms and Conditions will apply to any warranty claim. This is in addition to the Mactracks Terms and Conditions.

5. Mactracks warranty claims do not cover any data on the user device. If you wish to have your data retained prior to Apple warranty service, please inform the representative at time of drop off. An evaluation fee will apply to any unit that requests data to be saved regardless of warranty status.

6. Mactracks will charge for diagnostics if you decline services for a non-warranty claim. Example: You drop off your unit for a warranty claim but the issue is not covered such as a software issue, unauthorized service, tampered, etc. Mactracks will not warranty any unit that has been modified by the customer. If repairs have been performed by Mactracks and customer has modified said unit, no warranty will apply. If client has modified computer and resulted in a catastrophic issue, no warranty will apply.

7. Liquid damage cannot be expedited due to the nature of the evaluation process. No guarantee on any liquid damage repairs or services.

8. Mactracks cannot evaluate or repair units that have been subjected to a biological contaminants. (i.e. Blood, Urine, Feces and other types)

9. Software carries no warranty. No exceptions.

10. If you request a data transfer and said transfer includes licensed software, you agree that you hold license to said software. Mactracks is not held responsible for license transfer issue.

11. Parts used by Mactracks could either be used, refurbished or new. You will be notified which parts will be used in y our repair prior to approval. You do have a choice is types of parts used but pricing changes with each type.

12. Your contact information is required at check in per Apple policy. This includes your email address, physical address, phone number, etc. You may decline to provide your email address. PO Boxes are NOT accepted. These are NOT SOLD and are only used for the repair process.  These include registration of parts, ordering of parts and/or communication to you of updates.

13. If you have any IOS device serviced at mactracks it could potentially effect your Apple warranty. We do in some cases use third party parts. This is due to parts availability. Please read this before you have any services done at mactracks.

Basic Evaluation fee is $85 plus tax $92.01.
Denton Location: The diagnostic fee is applied towards estimates.
Plano Location: The diagnostic fee is not applied towards estimates

 Expedited Services start at $149 plus tax (Denton Only)
The expedited diagnostic fee is not applied towards services.

On-sites $249.99 HR with 2 HR min plus $149.99 trip charge plus tax. Each additional hour $249.99 Plus tax

If the unit has been previously opened by a Non-Apple Certified Technician, the diagnostic fee (non-expedited diagnostics.) is $127.50 This fee will not be applied towards services like a normal diagnostic are. These units cannot qualify for expedited services.

Denton location: Diagnostics usually take 24-48 business hours (Weekends and Holidays not included for hours.) if it’s a liquid spill or data recovery it will take 3-5 business days or less.

Plano location: Diagnostics usually take 4-6 business days (Weekends and Holidays not included for days.) if it’s a liquid spill or data recovery it will take 5-8 business days or less. Diagnostic fee not applied towards estimates.