Mac Data Recovery

Data Recovery

At Mactracks, one of our primary specialties is Data Recovery. We are a secure facility and have been an Apple Service Provider for more than 19 years. We use the latest technology in building and networking security to ensure our clientele are safe and sound. We work carefully but understand you need your data and devices back as quickly as possible. We will strive to get your data back, fast!

imagen data recoveryWe are trusted by some of the top defense contractors in north Texas and often work with government agencies. Due to security reasons, we are not allowed to disclose which branches of the government we do work for… But rest assured, your data is safe and secure with Mactracks.

Don’t use a Mac? No problem!

We provide data recovery solutions for all platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux and even Server/Workstation RAID Array’s. Call us to see what solution is right for you!


The evaluation process for Data Recovery is $85* before tax. This inclusive evaluation fee is applied towards the total cost of recovery. The cost of services is generally contingent upon the integrity of the storage device in question. Due to the extreme volatility of Data Recovery, we must perform a formal evaluation of your storage device. If your storage device is making unusual sounds or has suffered extensive damage, we still have options for you.

*If clean room recovery is needed, additional evaluation fees may apply. These fees, if required, will go towards your recovery costs.