About Mactracks

Mactracks is an Apple certified repair company founded in 1995 by Susan Cort with the simple goal of bringing great customer service to the computer repair industry.

For more than three decades, the team at Mactracks has worked hard to bring Cort’s vision to life.

Businesses and individuals in Texas looking for affordable, conscientious, and convenient Mac repair services need look no further than Mactracks.

As an Apple certified repair firm, Mactracks’ expert technicians are certified to work on any and all Apple and Mac products. From MacBooks and iMacs, Mactracks can services them. We even offer vintage Mac repair for older Apple computers. 

Mactracks offers the latest technologies in hardware repair and replacement, networking, water damage, and software corruption repair.

As a woman-owned company, Mactracks is proud to be a certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Certification requirements within this organization are stringent, recognizing the best-of-the-best in women-owned businesses in a variety of industries.

Thousands of organizations recognize WBENC companies, trusting firms like Mactracks to provide the highest levels of customer service and technical knowledge.

Mactracks is also a GSA government certified contractor, which means the company’s technicians are trusted and authorized to work for U.S. government departments and agencies. To qualify as a GSA contractor, companies must adhere to stringent security standards and recognized best practices.

Mactracks technicians work in a certified clean-room environment with the highest security standards for a secure facility. From mission-critical business unit to family photos, your Mac files are secure with us.

Meet the Team

Since 1995, Mactracks has been a family-owned business offering state-of-the-art, Apple certified repair services. Our family has grown since Mactracks was founded three decades ago, and we remain committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and technical expertise. You simply won’t find a better Apple certified repair team in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Get to know us by calling 972-442-1545 or start your Mac repair service request now.


Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician Manager of the Denton mactracks.

Javier has been servicing computers and robotics since 2012 and enjoys doing so. Javier is happy to admit that he “nerds” out on the vintage units. He is active in community theater as an actor.


Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician / iOS Technician and the manager of the Plano location

Jeff helps Mactracks with all repairs. He also handles iOS device service requests. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Jeff enjoys participating in live action role playing similar to the civil war reenactments.


Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician

Dylan is certified to work on all Macs. He enjoys researching and reading about artificial intelligence.


Certified Apple Repair Mac Technician

Brandon helps Mactracks with all repairs. He also handles iOS device service requests. He enjoys and competes in on-line gaming with his Blizzard team. He also builds high tech computer cooling systems and high end gaming machines.