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All services are preformed by our Certified Apple Technicians
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To start your service, please fill out the appropriate forms below

<Click here for online checkin>

Filling out this form ahead of time helps expedite the check in process and gets us started evaluating your unit faster. If you are mailing in your unit for repair you will need to use our square pay link pay link <Click here to pay> or you can fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form. Units must be insured before Mactracks will mail them out. We do not do Apple warranty work!

Denton Store Hours
Closed for lunch
Friday 10:00Am-2:00PM


Denton Location: The diagnostic fee is applied towards estimates.

Plano Location is closed.

All evaluation fees are subtracted from approved services except at the plano location, you will only lose the money if you decline services.

Basic Evaluation fee is $85.00 plus tax  <Click here to pay> online with a card or you can use Credit Card Authorization Form

 Expedited Evaluation fee $149.99 plus tax <Click here to pay> the hourly rate is $149.99 plus tax (Denton Only) The expedited diagnostic fee is not applied towards services.

On-sites $249.99 HR with 2 HR min plus $149.99 trip charge plus tax. for a payment before services of $649.97 Each additional expedited hour after the first 2 hours $249.99 Plus tax per hour <Click here to pay> 

If the unit has been previously opened by a Non-Apple Certified Technician, the diagnostic fee (non-expedited diagnostics.) is $127.50 This fee will not be applied towards services like a normal diagnostic are. These units cannot qualify for expedited services.

Denton location: Diagnostics usually take 3-5 business days (Weekends and Holidays not included for hours.) if it’s a liquid spill or data recovery it will take 4-7 business days or less. 

The price we give you over the phone already has your evaluation fee subtracted. Your quote is the remaining balance. 

Please include the serial number of your computer, our system automatically kicks out incomplete or incorrect serial numbers, causing unnecessary delays in your repair. Once a ticket has been successfully completed, you will be brought back to the first page. It will not look like anything has happened but you should be getting a confirmation email shortly to the email you have provided. You are then welcome to drop the device off at your convenience at any time during our hours of operation within 5 days.

**Serial Numbers can be found on the bottom side of a laptop or the foot (bottom of the stand) of a desktop**

**The password it wants is for the administrator user account The last page has agree and sign. Once you hit next it will take you back to the start page. You do not need to fill it out a 2nd time unless your bringing in more than one unit.

Drop off location ckeck in sheets and instructions below:

Denton Mactracks <Click here to check in>

* By signing this document and allowing us to service your device, you agree to the terms and conditions of our repair services.