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You probably know what it’s like to work on a computer that’s slow.

When you first pulled your shiny new MacBook Pro or iMac out of the box, it was lightning fast. You upgraded your internet service just to keep up with your computer’s browsing speeds. You opened about a million tabs at a time and they all loaded flawlessly.

But the honeymoon is over and it’s time for a Mac update. You may not need a whole new Mac device. A simple Mac upgrade or two could make all the difference in the world when it comes to optimizing your Mac’s speed and performance.

Trained, Certified Technicians to Upgrade Your Mac Onsite in Texas

With offices conveniently located in Plano and Denton, you can drop your device off to Mactracks and have it back fast. We also provide onsite service, support and upgrades for local businesses.

Whether you need an update on one MacBook or an entire network, we provide the same level of customer service and attentiveness that you’d expect from a top local Mac service shop.

The Mactracks team is also passionate about vintage Apple products. A few upgrades can have your vintage Apple II computer running at speeds you never imagined.

Ask Us About Hardware Upgrades for Your Mac

Computers slow down for a variety of reasons. Macs may perform slowly due to resource-hungry apps, browser add-ons, or apps running in the background that you no longer use.

In many cases, it comes down to a lack of memory or a lack of hard drive storage space.

We can help you take the first steps by clearing unused apps, deleting add-ons, and optimizing your Mac for the best speed it can achieve with its current hardware. 

But if you really want to ramp up your Apple’s performance, consider hardware updates. A larger hard disc drive (HDD) can work wonders, because of the way your computer reads and writes files.

Moving from HDD to a newer solid-state drive (SSD) can also speed performance. SSDs are noticeably faster and have no moving parts to wear out, giving you enhanced reliability and durability.

Mactracks performs HDD to SSD conversions, as well as HDD repairs and upgrades, in our ISO-certified, secure Mac repair facility under the highest security standards to keep the contents of your drive secure and confidential.

RAM updates can also improve your Mac’s performance, giving your machine more memory to work with.

We also have a host of other Mac updates to improve your Apple’s performance.

If your system hasn’t been performing as expected, contact us now to find out what kind of Mac update will fit your budget and work best for you.

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