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Thank you for choosing Mactracks! Mactracks is an Apple Authorized Service Provider and has been in business since 1995, offering our clients first-class service. To start your service, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 972-442-1545 for our Plano location or 940-243-3300 for our Denton location. Filling out this form ahead of time helps expedite the check in process and gets us started evaluating your unit faster. If you are mailing in your unit for repair you will need to fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form. Also if your repair cost exceeds $500 you will need to pre-pay your invoice before we can order parts. There are no exceptions to this requirement. If needed, we will let you know at time of drop off. For units out of warranty we charge a diagnostic fee at time of check in. This fee will be applied to the labor side of the services. Our non-accidental/non-data diagnostic fee is $45 Plus Tax $48.71. If your unit has accidental damage (Liquid exposure, power surges, drops, or compression damage to the chassis.) or if you are having hard drive or solid state drive issues and you wish to preserve your data we charge $85 Plus tax $92.01. We offer expedites services also that will allow you to bypass our queue if you wish to do this the hourly rate of $85 Plus tax will go up to $149 Plus tax $161.29 per hour.

If you check in your unit for expedited service we will also collect the first hour at time of drop off. We also will charge a non-tech take apart diagnostic fee of $127.50 Plus Tax $138.02 if your unit has been serviced by a non-Apple authorized tech and/or Apple authorized repair facility this apples to unit out of warranty also. This fee will not be applied towards services. WHEN DOING ONLINE CHECK IN YOU NEED TO PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE SERIAL NUMBER AND THE PASSWORD FIELD. THE SYSTEM WILL KICK THE ON-LINE CHECK INTO THE TRASH IF YOU PUT AN INVALID SERIAL NUMBER OR FAIL TO PUT YOUR ACTUAL PASSWORD. THIS USUALLY DELAYS REPAIRS 24-48 HOURS AS WELL.

On-line Check in forms can only be done from mobile devices. We will be updating the the on-line check in at a later time to work with non-mobile devices.

You will need an appointment if you are servicing a IOS Device (iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch) This form only speeds up the checkin process. If you are servicing an IOS device please make a REQUIRED appointment at This is a link to make an appointment. We can only fix batteries on iPhones at theses locations. If you wish we can do mail in facilitation on repairs that are not batteries on iPhones. This process usually takes up to 2 weeks and we cannot provide a loaner.


**Click here for online check in for the Plano location.

**Click here for online check in for the Denton location.

Credit Card Authorization – (Note – you cannot make any corrections to this form and it must be completely filled out or it will result in a delay to your repair.)

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*By signing this document and allowing us to service your device, you agree to the terms and conditions of our repair services. Any units not picked up after 30 days will be considered abandoned and become property of Mactracks. Mactracks is not responsible for any loss of data. Any units under AppleCare Limited or Extended Service Plans do NOT cover data recovery, backups or data migrations.